A Poem

For her mind, swift and enigmatic

her ideas, creative and far reaching

her hopes, grand and multifaceted

her fears, understood and conquerable


For her eyes, selectively transparent

showing much or little,

all or none.

they do not betray her


For her smile

her radiant smile, a mile wide

her knowing grin

or the smile that she can fake


For her body, her temple, her divine vessel

kept unsullied, unpolluted

her care and effort,

their corollary well appreciated


For her heart, in its depths,

both its physical rhythm, and intangible passions

keeping her going in both regards  

a sacred treasure


For the way she walks,

her graceful stride,

each step with purpose

her bold resolve to her path


For her singularly captivating presence

her intrepid demeanor

her fearsome assuredness

her emotive calm


For all  these things

I keep fighting.

the rhythm of the universe 

(via 0ceanmindedspirit)

“Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.”
— Attributed to Sartre